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Our course is packed full of videos, PDF’s and check lists to show you exactly how to find your father and contact him…

Finding your father can be a complicated process, where do you even start? We’ll show you an easy to follow step by step process. The course provides you with everything you need to know to find your father and contact him.

Who its for…

  • If you’ve never met your father but are desperate to do so
  • Its ideal if you’ve lost touch with your father and need his address
  • Its perfect if you have a low budget and can’t afford an agency to find him for you


Who its not for…

  • Its not for people looking for a quick fix. It will still takes work and effort to find him. With our guide to support you, you could find him in no time.

So buy this course if you need to find your father.  For a one off payment of just £197  you’ll get lifetime access to this amazing course and all the help and support you’ll need to make finding him possible.


What happens Next…

Before you even make payment we’ll let you create your username and password so as soon as you’ve paid you can start your search. We aim to please so if you feel there is something not covered in the course, drop us an email and we’ll add it within 72 hours. We want this course to provide you with the absolute best chance of finding your father.

Our aim is to make this course the best resource in the UK for people who want to know how to find their father.

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Here’s a sneak peak of what the find your father course looks like inside…

The ‘How to find your Father’ course is packed full of 28 one to one videos, and PDF guides written and presented by David Oates, one of the UK’s leading genealogists and researcher on BBC1’s TV Series Family Finders. David has personally found over 2453 fathers in his career.  If you do not find the course useful we offer a FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE


Module 1

Information & Fact Finding

There are 3 key pieces of  information you need to know to make finding your father possible, unocver these in this module. Understand how crucial one single fact can be in unlocking your search for your father. Contains 7 videos and 7 PDFs this module aims to get your search off to the best possible start!..


Module 2

Births, Deaths & Marriages

Birth, death and marriage records allow you to discover some the crucial ‘life event’ facts that will push your search forward. If you don’t know his date of birth we’ll reveal the one tip that can unlock your whole search. Don’t know if he’s married? We’ll show you how to find out. Do you have any brothers or sisters? We’ll uncover that too! Then Learn the one key technique no paid researcher would want you to know!


Module 3

Social Media

“My Father won’t be on Facebook” Is something we hear all the time. Maybe he isn’t but this module can help you find him or his other relatives. If he has had other children then they could be on Facebook. The module will show you the 3 steps that make Facebook amazing at finding people. It will help you uncover the single most important question you must address if you are going to use Facebook to find your father but most ignore.


Module 4

Address Search

Once you’ve done the all important first stage, you can start to look for your fathers address. This module delves into the address systems you can access to move your search forward. We’ll reveal the one secret that makes finding your faythers address easy.


Module 5

Contacting your father

This step is crucial. If you already knew where your father was this module alone is worth the £197. You only get one chance to make a first impression with your father. How you approach contacting him can make or break everything . This module contains the most important thing NOT to say when contacting him for the first time. Also the exact thing to say but most people don’t! We’ll show you the best contact methods and make sure you get this step right for you and for him.


Module 6

Using Other Websites and Services

There are other websites and services that can help you so we’ll cover these in this module.

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And here is how this guide has helped people just like you…

Thanks to the Missing You People Tracing Guide I was able to locate my birth mother after over twenty years apart.
Lauren Dean, Glasgow
This guide is so cool. I loved how easy it is to get going and feel like I’m making progress with my own search.
Peter Green, Cheltenham
I used the guide to find my fathers full name and date of birth. I also used the feedback form to ask a question which really helped me push my search forward
David Strongman, Leeds