Who We Are

About People Tracing Guide

Formed on the back of over ten years’ experience in the People Tracing industry.

We wanted to create this course to help people just like you to find their fathers, birth mothers, old friends, old flames and missing relatives. In truth it can be used to find anyone. The information contained within is the framework used by professional investigators. It will show you where to get the information you need to find someone but also how you can piece it together.

Our aim is to make the guide the ultimate resource for finding people and as we get more people into the course we’ll continue to improve it and make it a really worthwhile place to come and learn.

The course is aimed at people with low budgets who can’t afford some of the expensive people tracing companies out there.

All though some of these companies do an amazing job, unfortunately it’s not in the budget of everyone.

On the other side of the coin are people who do have the budget to spend with a premier people tracing company but simply would prefer to keep costs down and are happy to be more involved.

There are also some forward thinking tracing companies who recommend this course to their customers to encourage them to do some of the leg work themselves.

Whatever your reason for wanting to find someone, if you’re pulled towards rolling up your sleeves and doing the work yourself then this is for you.

We provide our email address to everyone who signed up to the course so they can be involved in its improvement. So if you decide to sign up we’d love to hear from you about how we can improve it and include more detail.

The course is priced at just £197 for life time access.

We hope you can see the value in what we are offering and if you do we look forward to training you on how to find anyone you’ve lost touch with.

See you on the inside
The PTG Team